Help is on the way
Help For Aurora
We wanted to update everyone on the T-shirts for Aurora. The printer started shipping our orders on Friday which means we will have the first orders in here no later than wed and will get them out right away. We are making sure to keep costs down as much as possible so the printer is shipping them in large groups to save on shipping. Basically, your shirt should ship within 5-10 days of when you placed your order. You will receive a tracking number on your receipt at the time we ship. We are still accepting orders, but as it slows down we will probably put a cut off date ahead of time.
Since the Friday after the Tragedy in Aurora we contacted both the City and State gvt to find out the best charity or org that the money would be used strictly for the survivors. The gvt made it clear that they were doing everything they could to make sense out of everything from what happened to recovery and taking care of those in need. Unfortunately (or actually fortunately), since this was all new to them they made it very clear they were doing their best to get on top of things as quickly as possible. We were told several times someone would get back to us. We also contacted a couple of churches in the area to no avail and even spoke with their NBC affiliate Friday evening and were told that the city was still in shock and as the funerals were taking place the only charities they knew of were ones that took out administration costs or the money might end up in a general fund. This is not what we hoped to happen. We want to make sure every single penny goes to those that need it, no one else.
We actually considered talking with the hospitals and trying to come up with a formula as to who got what and how much. This was not something we looked forward to as we did not want to decide who was more important than another as we are sure all have serious needs. Playing Soloman was not what any of us wanted to do. So far we estimate that @$4000 will be donated (we dont have the shipping costs per order yet and wont until each item ships). But folks this is ALL due to your kindness.
Luckily we were given the name of Joanne Greer with Aurora's Victims Resource Center. She was a true Godsend in our efforts to make sure the money was given only to those in need. She has assured us they will divide the monies up appropriately amongst the victims and survivors and that every penny will go that way. Absolutely NO monies will go into admin costs or a general fund. The money will ONLY help those affected by the tragedy. Mrs. Greer became our super hero immediately.
Please understand we realized right away the problems the folks in Aurora were going thru to put their lives back together and make sense out of what happened. We did not want to irritate them further by making demands on helping us make sure all monies went to the right folks. Each day we called or emailed they assured us they were putting the right plans in place and they obviously did. But lets all remember this just happened 10 days ago and everyone there were caught totally by surprise and methods had to be worked out. But we also wanted to make sure everyone that had given knew their money was going to whom we promised and as soon as possible. Mrs. Greer made it very clear that your kindness touched them in ways they cant express and neither can we. Let's just say together we all make a great team.
If you would like to make a donation directly to Aurora Victims please feel free to contact Mrs. Greer at
From all of us here at ComicsPriceGuide.Com (CPG) we thank each and everyone of our fans that helped spread the word and got involved. Thanks again and we all hope you have a great week.